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Has your previously blue pool suddenly turned green? If you have ever owned a pool you have or will have a run in with algae in your pool. You may think “I take care of my pool and have regular service, how could I have algae in my pool?” Well, fact is that algae spores can get into your pool environment via wind, rain, equipment or swimsuits that have been exposed to algae elsewhere. Once in your pool, if the pool is out of balance for any period of time, algae blooms can occur overnight and can these living creatures multiply rapidly in sunny and warm weather conditions. Although it is mainly an eyesore, an note that algae is present, water conditions are not properly balanced and could be a home now for more harmful bacteria such as E-Coli. Getting the balance right is the key. You may have added several doses of shock and it is still green. To keep the chlorine working effectively, it is imperative to maintain a pH of 7.2 to 7.8. Contact JNS Solutions and let us get your pool back to where it should be, a beautiful blue oasis. We are always happy to help you help yourself. Send us and email and we can help answer your questions for FREE via email or a call. Don't have time to do it yourself, call us and we can provide your weekly maintenance or just a one time service to get you back on track. 


Keeping your system in optimal condition is important to reduce operating costs and the longevity of your equipment. By its function, small particles cake DE and make a paste of sorts that cannot be removed by back washing your filter. I have personally seen it as thick as peanut butter on filters that have not been clean in some time. During cleaning, vacuuming, and the periodic invasions of algae, large chunks of this can be found in your filter requiring a clean out. This is recommended by most to be twice a year. Sometimes this is required more frequently if you have had a lot of debris or algae incidents. Quick sign is if you backwash, and the pressure goes down, but comes back up within a few days… it is definitely time for a cleaning. You end up dumping more DE into the system than you need and it will not filter properly and your pool never truly clears and sparkle.

Indian Pink

A hummingbird favorite, Indian pink offers bright red flowers topped with yellow. Plant towards the front of the border and enjoy this native perennial's traffic-stopping show all season long.

Name: Spigelia marilandica

Growing Conditions: Part shade and moist, well-drained soil

Size: To 2 feet tall - Zones: 6-9

Hardy Hibiscus

Treat yourself to the big, bold flowers of hardy hibiscus. Dinner-plate-sized flowers adorn the plants through late summer and early fall and appear in shades of red, pink, and white.

Name: Hibiscus moscheutos

Growing Conditions: Full sun and moist soil

Size: To 8 feet tall - Zones: 5-10